The Academy offers children aged 10-14 the opportunity to follow a supplementary pre-professional general educational program in the field of fine arts entitled Watercolour Painting.

The purpose of the course: for students to acquire basic pre-professional art education for admission to higher art schools.

Period of study: 5 years. Format: Class attendance. Language of instruction: Russian.

List of subjects of the program:

  • Art disciplines: drawing, grisaille, watercolour painting.
  • The history of fine art.
  • Plein air classes.
  • Elective discipline: sketches, flowers, animal sculpture, etching, pottery, easel composition, painting on porcelain and ceramics.

Final certification: students take final exams, including:

  • Defending an essay on the subject History of Fine Arts;
  • Completing the examination work Colouristic Still Life.