15 ul. Akademika Varga, Moscow 117133

How to get to the Academy:

Metro Tyoply Stan, if coming from the city center enter the last carriage, on arriving follow the passage to the end, take the exit onto Ulitsa Tyoply Stan, then bus 144, 227, or 281 to the stop Ulitsa Akademika Vinogradova.

Metro Troparyovo, then bus 227, 144, or 281 to the stop Ulitsa Akademika Vinogradova, or bus 720 to the stop Akademia Akvareli.

+7 (495) 531-5555

Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education
“The Academy of Watercolour and Fine Arts of Sergei Andriyaka”


Sergei Andriyaka
Tel (reception):
+7 (495) 531-55-55*421

First Vice Rector

Natalya Kurbatova
+7 (495) 531-55-55*440

Vice Rector for Educational and Methodological Work

Sergei Kozlov
+7 (495) 531-55-55*115

Vice Rector for Management and Economics

Vladimir Romanov
+7(495) 531-55-55*101

Vice Rector for Research

Daria Fomicheva
+7(495) 531-5555*114

Assistant to the Rector for Public Relations, Press Secretary

Olga Kozlovskaya
+7 (495) 531-55-55*131

Assistant Vice Rector for Academic and Methodological Work

Natalya Diktovskaya
+7 (495) 531-55-55*124