The Academy offers a course in Painting and Fine Arts.

Period of study: 6 years. Format: Full-time. Language of instruction: Russian.

The course is divided into the following sections: drawing and painting, graphics, monumental art, and decorative art.

Drawing and painting: watercolour, tempera, and oil painting.

Monumental art: sgraffito, mural painting, mosaics, stained glass.

Decorative art: porcelain moulding and painting, majolica, enamel, the basics of jewellery, Roman and Florentine mosaics, sculpture.

Graphics: book illustration, etching, pastel.

The purpose of the course: to train a highly professional artist and broad specialist on the basis of fundamental academic education, capable of creating high quality works of art in the field of fine art, easel painting, monumental art, and decorative art.

The educational process at the Watercolour Academy is based on a teaching methodology in which teacher and student implement all tasks jointly and simultaneously. The program of educational tasks of the Academy is formed according to the classical method and a proven system of training, which allows the student to consistently rise to ever higher levels of professionalism.

For mastering the skill of painting, drawing, and composition, students are given a system of thematic composition-based tasks, performed from life. Professional knowledge, skills, and abilities are formed and fixed as students work on sketches, rough drawings, and drafts. Moreover, great importance is attached to the development of future artists’ observation, visual memory, imaginative thinking, creative imagination, and aesthetic taste.

Creative practice is a central part of study at the Academy. Working from life contributes to forming the necessary skills of practical mastery and develops visual memory, light perception, creative freedom, and self-realization.

Types of professional activity that graduates train for:

  • professional creative art
  • teaching in the field of art and aesthetics
  • expert and research work in the field of fine arts
  • work in the sphere of art and culture